2018 Wrap up



2018 wrap up: We didn´t come this far…. to only come this far! 😉

Hello 2018

hello 2018
hello 2018

It is never too late to be whoever you want to be. To do things that scare you. To live a life you are proud of.

Sometimes life doesn´t go as planned but that is ok, you just have to start all over again.

I was like an adrenaline junkie looking for excitement and movement, I didn´t want to settle for a calm course of existence, so I´ve  just ignored the complications, the odds, the logic and followed my instincts.

That is how Fuka Eri was born.

It seemed crazy to others to create a brand with no money (and it was) but I thought that experience was far more valuable than money will ever be…

the experience of have traveled, of have meet different people with different points of view, of have seen things that make your mind blown…

Now things are in motion and there is not turning back. Fuka Eri is exactly what I have dream off and even better, because I have never thought I could make such a great product in my hometown Galicia.

So now we are worrying about the money, the deadlines, the partners… about all the things a small business has to struggle with, but is ok, we know we will make it work.

If you persist long enough and do what you are passionate about the good luck comes… and this is going to be our year.

Welcome 2018!


It is a bit difficult to explain with words how you´ve designed your brand, what was the inspiration, the idea… Your intented vision is limited to how good your verbal communication skills are.

That´s why sometimes, the best way to get people inside one´s head is through images. Putting together pictures, books, places etc is the most effective way to telling a story.

So here is the visual representation of our brand.

Fuka Eri is a character from Murakami´s book

And a sunset in Jimbaran

A song from Freddie

A beach in Galicia

A crazy idea from the Beat Generation

And so much more… 😉


“In life you have two options: take the risk or lose the chance”

One of the great things about travel is that you find out how much the journey has changed you when you returning home. As Fitzgerald says, everything looks the same, feels the same and you realize what has changed is you.

You always take something with you from every travel and after living in the beautiful island of Bali for more than four years (just in case you don ́t place it, Bali is a small island in Indonesia 🙂 we brought home a bunch of new experiences.

The most important one was a new consciousness about the environment and how is possible to live a simpler life and to protect the planet and the skin you are in.

So we decided to bring home the concept of the sunblock used by the surfers during the long hours in the water… Took it, mixed it and improve it!

We created from scratch an organic sunblock, made in our hometown Galicia (just in case you don ́t place it, is a small in area in Spain) 🙂 using natural and clean ingredients..

And last but not least, it doesn ́t contain any chemicals which mean is perfectly safe for coral reefs.

Best idea ever? We think so.


“En la vida hay dos opciones: hacerlo o quedarse con las ganas”

Una de las mejores cosas de viajar es comprobar cuánto te ha cambiado el viaje al regresar a casa. Todo sigue igual, la misma gente, las mismas costumbres… Y te das cuenta de que el que ha cambiado eres tú.

Es cierto que en cada viaje traes algo nuevo contigo, así que después de vivir más de cuatro años en Bali (por si no la sitúas, es una minúscula isla de Indonesia al otro lado del globo) las experiencias acumuladas son considerables.

Lo más importante que hemos traído a casa ha sido una nueva conciencia acerca del medio ambiente, de cómo es posible llevar una vida mucha más sencilla y proteger el planeta y tu propia piel. 

De la combinación de estos conceptos con un estilo de vida muy simple ha surgido la idea de crear desde cero un bloqueador solar orgánico, hecho en Galicia (todo sale mejor en casa) y utilizando ingredientes naturales y minerales que ayudan a proteger tu piel y respetar el ecosistema.